Veranstaltungen 2017

Natürlich findet ihr uns auch heuer wieder auf einigen Veranstaltungen.
Falls ihr Zeit habt, würden wir uns über euren Besuch freuen!


Ein Einblick in das Weingut Proidl - ein Video von Vivat Vinum tv


Erfreuliche Nachrichten von unserer New York Reise zu A.I. Selections:

"Although Riesling is a major part of this new NYWC, but until recently it was a bit disappointing to see how few of the new German and Austrian Rieslings (or for that matter other wines from those countries) were making it over to the US. That’s why someone like Volker Donabaum of A.I. Selections is an important new development. Stephen Bitterolf of Vom Boden is another smart new importer  sticking his neck out and taking risks on wines some of the big well-established importers didn’t pick up during the last couple of years when they were still there for the grabbing. The Riesling ‘Proidl spright deutsch’, Proidl speaks German, from the Proidl estate in Senftenberg/Kremstal in Austria is a perfect example of this. Proidl’s other white wines – Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Traminer – are powerful dry wines that still manage to have a certain elegance thanks to the stony gneiss soil and careful winemaking. In contrast, this wine has high natural sweetness and high acidity, making it seem less obviously Austrian and rather more like a Gold Cap German Auslese. Hence the name."
- Stuart Pigott


Wine & Spirits Magazine

Das Wine & Spirits Magazine hat unseren Riesling Ehrenfels 2011 mit 94 Punkten ausgezeichnet. Damit ist er der am besten bewertetste Riesling Österreichs des Jahrgangs 2011.

"Franz Proidl farms 49 acres in Seftenberg, at Kremstal´s western end. This wine, off 2.5 acres of 25-year-old vines on primary rock, is admittedly flamboyant, but with such structure and control it´s hard to turn away. The sweetness of the orange-toned fruit is matched by meaty depth; the warm cardamom spice finds a contrast with a cucumber-snap. It feels all of a piece, more like food than wine. As one taster put it, You don´t need a lot of it, but you might find yourself wanting a lot of it.?"

Artikel aus dem Wine & Spirits Magazine.


Geschätzte Weinfreunde,

anbei einige Zeilen zu den Ereignissen der letzten Wochen.

99 Punkte in Amerika

Wir freuen uns Ihnen mitteilen zu dürfen, dass wir mit der
Riesling TBA 2009 als erstes niederösterreichisches Weingut
beim renommierten Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago (BTI)
sensationelle 99 Punkte erzielt haben.


Falstaff - Cup Kremstal DAC Reserve 2011

1. Platz: Riesling Ehrenfels 94 Punkte

93 Punkte: Riesling Hochäcker

92 Punkte: Riesling Pfeningberg

93 Punkte: Grüner Veltliner Ehrenfels
92 Punkte: Grüner Veltliner Pellingen