Ried Hausberg

First documented mention in 1449 as »Hausberc-Hausberi«, meaning a vineyard in the immediate vicinity of the castle. Thus the vineyard connects northeastward to the Ehrenfels and now extends above the Hochäcker.

One can read of its positive qualities in the old records: this cadastral vineyard encompasses extremely diverse sorts of terrain, and accordingly, very different conditions prevail in the different parts.

Most of our parcels are located in the higher-elevation, well-ventilated segment. For a long time this was reserved for agriculture. Even our grandfather would have gently but firmly suggested adopting a career as a clergyman or something similar, if you had presented the notion of growing grapes here. In the meantime, the warmer climate ensures optimum conditions for vinifying medium-weight, elegant Veltliner. Since the harvest here takes place relatively late on account of the elevation, the wines prove to be very complex and ageworthy.

In the highest-elevation tracts, our Chardonnay develops good breeding and finesse. Small portions of Merlot and Blauer Zweigelt planted here round out the Proidl portfolio.


Area: 5.2 ha
Varieties: Grüner Veltliner, Gelber Muskateller, Chardonnay, Zweigelt, Merlot
Exposition: south to southwest
Elevation: 330–380 m
Gradient: 0–20°




from sandy loess to gravel to paragneiss; one often encounters amphibolite in the subsoil.