» Steep Vineyards - Steep Wines «

Patrick Proidl

A great concept

What is behind it? Answer: Never the same thing...

Terroir – an area, a winegrower, the climate, the weather, the origin, the soil - the philosophy?


All these factors are reflected in the wine and make the difference. Every vintage has its peculiarities, each vineyard site has its peculiar characteristics that we try to accentuate, year after year.

Diversity and individuality are essential elements in the fascination of wine.

Here’s a toast to that – Cheers!

Steep slopes as vineyards

Our passion lies in the steeply-sloped vineyards – with up to 60° gradient – in the breakthrough valley of the Krems River. Many of these sites have been cultivated anew in recent decades – that is, freed from scrub, forest and rocks and replanted, so that many have indeed arisen from their Sleeping Beauty nap.

The marquee example: our monopole vineyard Ehrenfels. 

Ancient wisdom regarding the value of barren, stony & steep slopes, immortalised in sayings such as Where the plough can go, no grapevine should stand, seems to fade sometimes in the marketing hustle and bustle of our brand-addicted consumer society.

Because of this, the culture of wine finds itself in danger.

That is why it is important to us to have sites and soils that allow something special to happen – indeed, which encourage the particular and distinctive, and are therefore worth more detailed observation/consideration.