Generation X
Generation 10

Patrick is the tenth generation of the Proidl family.

Far removed from the mainstream, these wines test the limit.

The best grapes from vineyards Pellingen (Grüner Veltliner) and Hochäcker (Riesling) are used here.

The Grüner Veltliner is matured in 500l barrels of Austrian acacia wood, while 500l barrels made of French oak are used for the Riesling.

Fermented is spontaneous – duration between four & fourteen months.

No cultured yeasts are used; manipulation and moving the wines are completely avoided.

These wines are predestined to express individuality and depth of character. 

Expect the unexpected!

» If you enjoy drinking outside the box, this could be for you! «

Stuart Pigott

steep vineyards - steep wine

Experimentation and permanent curiosity flow like blood through our veins. We know no fear of something new. This is how ‘crazy’ wines are constantly coming into being, wines which move beyond any norm and are like a word in a foreign tongue for the mainstream.

steep vineyards - steep wine